Strategic advice on nutritional products

EAS is a global leader in providing strategic advice to governments, trade associations and the private sector on the impact of regulatory harmonisation and the introduction of new regulatory systems across the globe.

With a core specialisation in the food and nutritional product area, many in our team are leaders in their field regionally and globally. Together, we deliver accurate advice and strategic solutions in the changing international regulatory environment.

Regulatory advice

Know the legislative procedures to ensure a successful pan-European product launch

Hot topics in regulation

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Ingredient analysis

We ensure your active ingredients comply with both EU and national rules for successful market access

Gluten-free foods EU Regulation published 03/09/2014

Commission implementing Regulation (EU) No 828/2014 on the requirements for the provision of information to consumers on the absence or reduced presence of gluten in food has been published. The Regulation...
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EFSA launches public consultation on transparency 03/09/2014

The EFSA open consultation is on a discussion paper which aims to lay down the principles and the plan for the transformation of the EFSA into an Open Science organisation over the next five years. Some...
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EFSA publishes Administrative Guidance document on food enzymes applications 03/09/2014

Pursuant to European Regulation 1332/2008 (the so-called 'Framework Regulation' on Food Enzymes) and Regulations 1331/2008 and 234/2011 as amended (on the Common Authorisation Procedure for Food Improvement...
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